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Why Do Solar Energy Systems Need Electricity?

Solar electric systems in Los Angeles make a whole lot of sense, with our long hot summers and sunny skies year ‘round. Solar technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, and a properly installed system can save you thousands in monthly energy costs over the course of its lifetime. You can even sell the energy back to the grid when you have a surplus, putting money into your pocket as a result. It may seem surprising to learn then, that many solar energy systems need electricity to function. The good news is that most of them can generate that electricity themselves, but the question remains: why do solar energy systems need electricity?

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In part, because their systems can’t function without power. The solar panels themselves don’t have any moving parts, which helps keep repairs on them infrequent at best, but other components in the system may require a boost. This can include batteries, semi-conductors and even pumps to move water, which are in use in certain types of solar panel systems. Thankfully, most of those needs are placed first on the system energy priorities, and once the solar panels are installed, they should be able to receive all the electricity you need. An energy system with an existing battery or one connected to a back-up generator will have that power available when your system needs it. The specifics will depend on what your home is like, how much power you need and the level of sunlight exposure any installed solar panels may have.

For more on why solar energy systems need electricity, or to discuss your options in setting one up, contact the professionals at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. We’ve serviced Southern California since 1968, and we know who solar electric systems in Los Angeles can help home owner save a great deal of money while contributing to a cleaner environment. We can survey your home to determine the exact size and number of solar panels you need, then clarify the system’s electrical needs before performing a full-bore installation. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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