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One thing we’re not lacking here in Southern California is sunshine. Why not put that clean, renewable energy to work for you? Whether you want to power your home or commercial property, or you just want to warm up your pool, we can help. Contact the solar energy experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air today to learn more about the many ways that the power of the sun can benefit your life.

Design and Installation

Whichever system you choose, your residential or commercial solar system must be meticulously designed and expertly installed in order to provide you with the effective, reliable performance you deserve. Let us ensure that your solar PV panels are properly placed and positioned for maximum energy absorption. If you choose to use batteries to store solar energy collected throughout the day, we’ll make sure that they are incorporated into your system properly. No matter what you need to enjoy the best performance possible from your solar system, our installation technicians can get the job done right.

Repair and Maintenance

While solar energy systems are very efficient and reliable when properly designed and installed, when problems arise, you need a professional technician’s help. Our solar repair and maintenance experts can find the root of any problem you may experience, and they have the knowledge and training needed to ensure that the issue is resolved completely. If your existing PV panels don’t seem to be gathering enough energy, or if your solar water heating system is leaving a chill in your shower, contact us right away to schedule service.

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