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Generally speaking, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) equipment gets a lot of use here in Southern California. Any mechanical system which is used as heavily as that which heats and cools industrial and commercial properties is bound to suffer some performance issues from time to time. You simply cannot avoid problems forever. If your equipment seems to suffer, contact the commercial and industrial HVAC repair and maintenance experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning immediately. We have the tools, training, and experience necessary to keep your HVAC system operating efficiently. Don’t put the comfort of your employees, customers, or tenants at risk by ignoring your heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance needs.


There are plenty of tasks around your commercial and industrial properties that you or your property manager can busy yourselves with. By all means, break out the lawnmower to trim the grass or the power washer to spray down your walls. What you can’t expect expect to handle on your own, however, is the installation HVAC equipment. This is far too complex a task to dream of completing without the years of training and experience that qualified professionals possess. When the time comes to invest in new commercial HVAC equipment, contact us to schedule your installation.

As you can imagine, there are many important decisions to be made prior to the actual installation of your equipment. Your system must be meticulously planned out to ensure that it will heat and cool your property throughout the year as efficiently and effectively as possible. It must also be carefully sized according to your needs. If your system is not big enough it will struggle to maintain target temperatures, driving up energy costs at the same time. If it is too large, it will adjust temperatures too quickly, cycling on and off frequently. This can result in unnecessary wear and tear to your system. Trust us: when it comes to commercial and industrial HVAC installation service, you’re going to need our help to get the job done right.


Problems with commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning equipment are not always obvious. While drastic declines in efficiency and performance levels are pretty clear indicators that repairs are necessary, most problems are tougher to spot. If given enough time, though, even minor issues can cause serious disruptions to your comfort, as well as real damage to your equipment. Take this information into consideration, and contact us as soon as you suspect a need for service.

It’s especially helpful to be aware of how much it costs you to heat and cool your commercial and industrial properties. Even if you pay your bills automatically, it really pays off to have an idea of your average costs. This is because a spike in these costs is a solid warning sign that commercial and industrial HVAC repair service may be necessary. Also, never ignore any incongruities with your heating and air conditioning system or its performance, such as uneven heating and cooling or even strange sounds and odors. They may seem inconsequential, but they may actually be harbingers of problems to come.


Are you looking to keep your commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning equipment in the best condition possible? Then you’ll want to schedule routine maintenance with a qualified technician from our staff. Not only do regular inspections and tuneċ‹ƒps maintain great performance levels from your system, but routine maintenance is also the perfect opportunity for your technician to discover and diagnose any problems before they can cause serious issues.


It can be difficult to accept the fact that the time has come to schedule HVAC replacement for your commercial property. At some point, though, this will be your best option. Our HVAC replacement technicians are here to help you determine when that time has arrived. While a complete breakdown of your system obviously necessitates a replacement, this is not the only instance in which that may be your best course of action. If your equipment was improperly sized or poorly installed to begin with, a replacement can help you save money over the long run. Likewise, old equipment may simply not be able to compete with the efficiency levels that newer equipment has to offer. Contact us today for more information.

The commercial and industrial HVAC experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air offer quality repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

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