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When Is Repairing Your Boiler No Longer Worth It?

When listing off the principle advantages of a boiler for home heating, one of the first bullet points is: “Long lifespan.” A boiler than receives proper care and maintenance (remember, schedule heating maintenance annually every fall!) can often last more than 20 years.

But no boiler will endure forever, and you may find that the boiler you installed many years ago, or which you inherited with your home, has come to the point where it needs an increasing number of repairs and costs a greater amount of money to run. At what point are those repairs no longer worth the time and cost? When should you have your boiler replaced?

The best way to answer these questions is to pose them to a heating professional: the next time you require repairs for your heating or the surrounding areas, call on Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning and let one of our trained technicians give you the lowdown on your options to repair or replace your boiler.

It is a wise idea to keep track of repair costs over a year, since this is an excellent barometer of whether you should replace the boiler. If the price of repairs for a single year exceeds $500, then the boiler is no longer worth repairing and you will save money with a replacement unit. Any individual repair job that would cost half or more than the cost of replacing the boiler is also not worth it, and you should instead opt for replacing it.

Escalating energy costs connected to the boiler will also caution you that the time for retiring the heater is drawing close. A boiler that is at or beyond its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan and experiences a rise in operating costs should have a professional inspect it to see if any repair can reverse the trend. If the repair would cost too much (see above), then arrange with the technician to have the heating system replaced.

Excessive noise from the boiler will also warn you that the components have worn down too far to operate correctly. Also look for signs of corrosion across the boiler tank; corrosion is almost always a sign that the boiler is too far gone to ever work its best again and may be in danger of a permanent breakdown.

Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning is here to assist you with whatever your boiler need to continue to delivering quality heating services in Woodland Hills and the surrounding areas. We’ve helped Los Angeles and Ventura Counties stay comfortable for over 40 years.

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