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What are the Benefits to Air Conditioning Maintenance?

April has arrived and Southern California is already seeing its share of warm days. Here in Woodland Hills, air conditioning systems are already being put to daily tests and that need will only increase as we count the days towards summer. In light of that, a timely air conditioning maintenance session can solve a host of problems before they even begin. Maintenance isn’t the same as repair. It’s more of a preventative session, designed to correct a lot of little issues and spot the bigger ones before they result in a breakdown. More specifically, what are the benefits to air conditioning maintenance? We’ve provided a quick breakdown below.

The biggest advantage is improved efficiency, which means that the air conditioner does the same job for less energy than it might (and costs you less in monthly cooling bills in the bargain). A maintenance session removes dust and grime that can improve friction, tightens loose bolts and fittings that makes individual components rattle in their housings, and recharges refrigerant levels it they’re lower than they should be. All of that will help your system perform at its peak, and if you schedule the session now, you can avoid wasting money when summer arrives in earnest.

In the long-term, that same process will extend the lifespan of your system, making it last longer before you need to replace it. It also lowers the risk of repairs by reducing the stress and strain on individual components. If the technician spots a problem, you can schedule a repair session at your leisure, rather the scrambling and rearranging your schedule on short notice when a larger breakdown occurs.

For more on the benefits of air conditioning maintenance in Woodland Hills, or for any issues involving your air conditioning systems, contact the experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. We have the skills and experience to perform maintenance sessions with the courtesy and care you expect, and we want to make sure your system is 100% ready for the summer. Warm weather is already here and flat-out hot weather is on the way. Call us today, and let us help you be ready for it!

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