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Signs That You Need Professional Duct Repair in Los Angeles

When properly installed and well maintained, air ducts are a great way in which to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home. However, it is possible for your ductwork to suffer damages that can put the quality of their operation at risk. When this happens, it is important that you schedule professional duct repair as soon as possible. Doing so will help to minimize the amount of time you spend struggling to heat and cool your home with an inefficient system. This puts unnecessary strain on your HVAC equipment as well as your budget. Recognizing the need for duct repair in Los Angeles, CA can be tough, though, so here are a few tips from Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. to help you do so.

One major indicator that your air ducts are in trouble is an unexplained spike in your energy costs. If there are holes and tears in your air ducts, then you will find that you must use more and more energy in order to keep your home comfortable, which results in higher energy costs. This is due to the fact that heat naturally moves from areas that are warm to those which are cooler. If your ductwork is full of cool air, then, as you try to cool your house, the ambient heat surrounding your ducts will make its way in through cracks and holes, warming the air you’ve paid to cool. The opposite happens in the winter, with warmed air leaving the ducts before arriving at its destination in order to heat the surrounding air.

You should also contact us to schedule professional duct repair in Los Angeles if you find that different areas of your home are consistently less comfortable than others. This can be the case for several reasons, including poor insulation or air leaks in certain areas of your house. However, it may also be the result of damaged air ducts. We understand that you cannot see the majority of your air ducts, but that does not mean that you can afford to ignore their service needs. Give Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. a call today to schedule the duct repair you need to live comfortably.

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