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Schedule Your Professional Air Conditioning Maintenance before Summer Gets Any Closer!

Do you know that air conditioning systems need to have maintenance every year? This isn’t something that you can arrange to have done every few years or so, such as a home energy audit. The amount of work that an air conditioner takes on in Southern California over a summer, let alone an entire year, is enough to make it start to wear down rapidly after only a few months. A professional inspection and tune-up for a cooling system is vital to make sure that it continues to work at close to peak condition for many years. When you schedule spring air conditioning maintenance, you’re making an investment in both savings and comfort.

Call Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning today to inquire about our maintenance program. We offer quality maintenance for air conditioning and heating in Woodland Hills, CA and the surrounding areas.

The importance of springtime AC maintenance

Southern California enjoys warm weather for most of the year, and you can expect to have your air conditioner humming away at least a few times each month. But during the summer is when your AC puts in most of the hard labor keeping back the heat from your home. You want to make certain that the system is in the best shape possible before the summer heat strikes, and that’s what professional maintenance service provides.

Among the many benefits that an annual spring inspection and tune-up gives you, perhaps the most crucial is protection against an abrupt breakdown during the summer heat. If your AC fails entirely, it will most likely occur on one of the hottest days of the season because that is when it undergoes the most strain. You don’t want to get caught without air conditioning on a day when the temperature is in the 90s or higher! Although you can call on emergency repair work, you’ll still suffer through an uncomfortable period before technicians reach you.

Maintenance will also help reduce the number of repairs a system need, see that it has a long lifespan, and keep it energy efficient for many years. Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning is here to help you receive the quality annual maintenance your AC requires. Sign up for our maintenance program and start enjoying peace of mind each summer.

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