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Why It’s Important to Use Professionals for Air Conditioning Services

Air conditioning technology has made many tremendous advances since the invention of the first electro-mechanical air conditioning system in 1902. (One example of how far they ACs have come: they no longer need to use explosive, toxic, or caustic chemicals for refrigerant. And current refrigerant is safe for the ozone.) Modern air conditioners are compact, run quietly, and are easy to operate using the new generation of thermostats.

But please don’t confuse simplicity of operation with straight-up simplicity: air conditioners are intricate pieces of technology that require the work of trained specialists in order to install, repair, and maintain them. There are some good reasons why you shouldn’t open up an air conditioner’s cabinet to attempt repairs on your own, or hire amateurs to perform a new AC installation. Only call on experienced professionals for air conditioning services in Woodland Hills, CA.

For all your air conditioning needs, look to Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., where we have more than 40 years of history installing air conditioners and keeping them running.

Why it’s Crucial to Have Professional Services for Air Conditioning Systems

When it comes to installation, the amount of work required to get a new air conditioner up and running so that it not only works correctly, but works without wasting energy or straining so that it soon requires repairs is tremendous. Amateur work puts the system at risk of poor operation (such as bad connections to the ductwork, leading to air leaks) and damage (such as a badly chosen location for the outdoor condenser, where pull in gravel, leaves, and other debris).

Most risky of all when it comes to using non-professional labor for AC installation is that you might end up with an incorrectly sized system, which means an air conditioner that either cannot effectively cool down a home, or one which short-cycles and rapidly ages toward a breakdown.

It is just as vital that you leave repair work to professionals. Diagnosing what is causing a particular problem in an AC is tricky. For example, a drop in cooling levels could mean a loss of refrigerant, a damaged outdoor fan, leaks in the ventilation system, etc. Without professional training, you won’t know what actually needs repair, let alone how to repair it. Many repairs will require special parts and tools that are not commercially available, and which only professionals can effectively operate.

Finally, professionals can always get a job done faster than amateurs. You don’t want to sit around for days in hot weather waiting on the completion of an AC installation or repair when you could have trained experts finish the work in a few hours.

Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. has 24-hour emergency air conditioning services in Woodland Hills whenever you need it. We are proud of our long history of providing Southern California with quality home comfort from trained experts.

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