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Why Consider an Electric Furnace?

Some people may find the idea of installing an electric furnace odd, but electric furnaces have come a long way, becoming a viable option for many homeowners. One of the drawbacks of electric furnaces had been energy efficiency, but with advancements in heating products, electric furnaces have become very energy efficient. If you are ready for a new heating installation in Woodland Hills, you may want to consider the installation of an electric furnace.

How Does an Electric Furnace Work?

An electric furnaces uses a component called a heating element to heat your home. The heating element is comprised of multiple, tightly-wound metal coils that get very hot when electrified. When your thermostat calls for heat, the coils in the heating element begin to heat in a specific sequence; once the heat reaches a certain temperature, the blower turns on and pushes the warm air from the coils into your ductwork for delivery into your home’s living spaces.

Why Consider an Electric Furnace?

There are a few reasons to consider the installation of an electric furnace:

  • No need for fossil fuels – all homes do not have easy access to fossil fuels, but just about every home does have access to electricity. In cases like these, your choices are limited, but an electric furnace can offer you the ability to install a furnace without needing access to natural gas, oil or propane.

  • Safety – while all heating systems are very safe, some people have concerns about having a combustion system in their homes. With an electric furnace, you won’t have to worry about these issues.

  • Good energy efficiency – because electric furnaces do not generate heating via combustion, you don’t have to worry about losing latent energy to a flue or chimney. In fact, many electric furnaces have AFUE ratings of 100% because they don’t lose any latent energy.

  • Less expensive initial costs – typically, an electric furnace costs less to install than a combustion furnace; this can potentially save you money at installation.

If you are interested in finding out if an electric furnace is a good choice for your home, work with one of the trained professionals from Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning – call us today!

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