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What Happens During Heating Maintenance

Maintaining a heating system in Southern California is a bit different than in most parts of the country. In colder climates, it’s advisable for homeowners to schedule regular maintenance services from professionals during the early fall so their systems are ready to go to work when the cold weather starts. For Southern California, where we enjoy pleasant and mild winters, it isn’t as imperative to have heating maintenance done so early—but nonetheless you still need to have it done every year. If you haven’t scheduled this service yet, you should arrange for a technician to come to your home as soon as possible. After all, we do experience some cold weather, and you don’t want your heating system to fail on the first day that you need it.

To sign up for an excellent program for heating maintenance in Woodland Hills, contact Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning today and inquire about our planned service agreement.

What to Expect During the Maintenance of Your Heating System

The steps that technicians take when they come to your home for annual inspections and tune-ups for a heating system depend on the type of heater you have installed.

  • Gas furnace: Gas furnaces are the most common kind of residential heating system in the country, and technicians are very familiar with how to keep them in top shape. During maintenance for a gas furnace, a technician will clean the burners and adjust combustion to make sure the system works efficiently. To ensure safety, the technician will look for any leaks in the system, test the safety mechanisms like the shutoff valve, and perform a carbon monoxide test. The air filter will be replaced, and the technician will take care of lubricating the motors, checking for wear on the blower fan, and see that the exhaust flue is correctly venting.

  • Heat pump: For a heat pump, technicians will clean off the indoor and outdoor coils if necessary, check on the refrigerant level, replace the air filter, see that the condensate drain is working correctly, and provide a thorough inspection of all the electrical connections and take care of any tightening they may require.

Regardless of the type of heating system you have, it will need to have its thermostat checked to see that it is correctly calibrated and communicating with the heater. Once the technician has finished the inspections and adjustments, you will have a heating system that will work at top efficiency for the season and should encounter few to no repair problems. If the technician does notice any repair issues, he or she will make sure you know about them and will help arrange for the work to fix them.

Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning offers a quality planned service agreement that will take care of both air conditioning and heating maintenance throughout Woodland Hills. Call us today to find out more details.

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