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Los Angeles Heating Guide: Options to Consider

Despite the reputation for hot and sunny weather that LA (rightfully) boasts, the fact remains that the heat of summer cannot last throughout the entire year. The heating season is certainly more mild than the summer months, but that does not mean that the heating system in your home is any less important that your air conditioner. Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. knows that all of our customers deserve to be comfortable every day of the year, regardless of outside temperatures. Here are a few Los Angeles heating system options to consider:


Boilers are an old standby when it comes to both residential and commercial heating. They are extremely reliable and durable, as they feature few moving parts. They are also a great option for homeowners concerned with allergies or other respiratory issues which may suffer due to the forced air distribution systems other options employ. Rather than circulating heated air around your house, boilers use radiators, baseboards, or even hydronic radiant heating systems to keep your comfortable on the coldest nights of the year.


Furnaces are probably the most common of all home heating systems, and with good cause. They can use a variety of different fuel sources, and modern furnaces are capable of heating homes with outstanding efficiency. By forcing heated air throughout your home via a ductwork system, you can enjoy very quick comfort when the temperature plummets. It is important that you keep your ductwork in great condition, though, to avoid potential efficiency or air quality issues.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are a wonderful way to boost energy efficiency when heating your home, and they are a great option for an area with as mild winters as we have here in Los Angeles. By using a heat transfer process, your heat pump is able to utilize the ambient heat in the air outside to heat your home’s interior. Plus, heat pumps are easily reversed to cool your home in the summer, making them a viable option for year round comfort in one convenient package.

Hybrid Heating Systems

Some homeowners worry that, should temperatures really fall off, a heat pump may be overwhelmed when heating their homes. A hybrid heating system, incorporating both a heat pump and a furnace, is a great way to get that extra insurance you may want. The heat pump is the primary heat source, but the furnace can kick in automatically to pick of the slack should the heat pump falter.

To learn more about your heating options in Los Angeles, contact Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. today.

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