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3 Ways You Can Make Your Air Conditioner Work Better for You

Living in Southern California means living with air conditioning for most of the year: it would be hard to make it through a single week during the summer without an effective AC keeping you and your family cooled down.

But is your air conditioner working the best it can? If it seems like it is doing only an adequate job, but you would like more from it—such as better comfort and lower bills—then there are a few things you can do. We’ve listed a few of these options below. To find out more, or to schedule air conditioning services for Woodland Hills, CA, give a call to Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning. We are a leader in home energy solutions for Southern California since 1968.

ONE: Upgrade the thermostats

Look over the thermostat(s) in your home. Do you still rely on an old manual model that uses sliders and knobs? Or do you have a standard digital thermostat that lacks programming features? It’s time for a change! You’ll be amazed at what a difference the current generation of thermostat technology can make for your home cooling, both in terms of performance and energy-savings. Programmable thermostats with multiple program slots give you finer control of the cooling even when you aren’t at home. Wireless thermostats allow you access to your home’s comfort system from a laptop computer, tablet, or smart phone. Plus, newer thermostats have greater precision, which means more comfort and additional savings. Give us a call to find out more about our thermostat options.

TWO: Install zone control

If you don’t want to waste energy sending cold air to rooms that don’t need it each time you turn on the AC, contact our HVAC team to arrange for a zone control system. Zone control allows you to divide your home up into different regions where you can adjust the temperature separate from the rest of the house.

THREE: Never miss spring cleaning

You know all about spring cleaning. Well, your air conditioner needs it as well, and its spring cleaning also needs to include adjustments, tune-ups, and even replacement parts at times. This is not a job to do on your own, however: call on HVAC professionals to take care of the task each spring. If you keep up with this annual inspection and tune-up, your air conditioner should work at peak efficiency for many years and offer you few repair troubles.

Are you ready for better air conditioning? Contact the experts at Mediterranean Heating and Air Conditioning today and we will help you make the most of the cooling in your home.

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